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Registering Your Horse Pony Or Foal With The SSH - A Step By Step Guide

The Scottish Sports Horse is an Open Stud Book. All sport horses/ponies can therefore be registered (provided with a passport or over stamped) regardless of age, height, or colour in compliance with EU legislation.

The Stud Book (Register) is made up of four books within the Main Stud Book.

Head Book For all horses/ponies three years old or over that have attended an SSH Grading that receive a first or second premium providing they meet the pedigree requirements outlined in the studbook guidelines and all horses/ponies by SSH L2 stallions providing they receive a first premium and meet the pedigree requirements.

Foundation Book For all horses/ponies three years old or over that have attended an SSH grading sired by any stallion that has received a third premium, all other horses/ponies that do not meet the pedigree requirements..

Basic Register caters for non reproductive horses/ponies of unknown pedigree.

NB horses/ponies with a basic passport cannot be presented at an SSH Grading.

NB ALL foals will be registered upon application into the respective foal section based on their parentage status and the premiums awarded if applicable.

  • horses/ponies will only be entered into the Main Stud book from foal book if presented at an SSH Grading.
  • horses/ponies that do not attend an SSH grading at the age of three years or older will remain in the respective foal book.

The Studbook Guidelines clearly define the pedigree requirements in greater detail and are available to all members free of charge.

The Studbook Guidelines are available for Download see Studbook Guidelines page.

Passports - Registering Your Foal

Breed Society Passport Application Your Application for an SSH passport commences by contacting the SSH Passport Officer. You will be sent a passport application form along with DNA kit(s)

  • All Foals must be Registered within 6 months of birth or before the 31st December, which ever date occurs later.
  • Where a passport application is received outside the statutory time limit the animal will be signed out of Section IX Part II of the passport to declare the animal as not intended for human consumption. Any owner who fails to apply for a passport within the statutory time limits is committing an offence.
  • All forms must be clearly completed. Late Registration Fee will apply.
  • Foal Sketches must be completed signed and stamped by a vet
  • DNA hair samples from both the foal AND its dam (only applicable to mares that do not have a DNA profile previously recorded with the AHT) must be collected.
  • DNA samples of mare and foal must be collected in SEPERATE plastic bags.
  • DNA samples must be named, dated and signed by your vet and sent to the Animal Trust in the addressed envelope provided.
  • All fees including DNA fees MUST be paid directly to the Scottish Sports Horse and included in your application
  • A Covering certificate signed by the stallion owner MUST accompany your application.
  • All foals must be micro chipped & New Registrations.

Basic Passport The basic passport is available for persons not wishing to incur the full costs of a Breed Society Passport. This option provides a solution to owners of non breeding horses/ponies with unknown pedigree. However horses/ponies that carry a Basic Passport cannot be presented at an SSH grading.

Scottish Sports Horse Fees
  • Breed Society Passport £85 (incl DNA) Mares must be DNA tested if not previously additional £48 Total £133
  • Breed Society Passport £75 (incl DNA & Registered within 12 weeks of birth) Mares must be DNA tested if not previously additional £48 Total £123
  • Late Registration fee £120.00 (Incl DNA)
  • Basic Passport (No DNA Required) - Sketches/Microchip, must be completed by a vet - £25

NB Discounts are given for multiple registrations 3 - 5 Discount 5% 6-8 Discount 10% +9 Discount 15% Breed Passports Only

  • DNA Kit - £48 Per horse/pony
  • Upgrade of Studbook Certificate To Breed society Passport £83 (incl. DNA) DNA Must be provided
  • Over stamping of existing passport £20
  • Duplicate Breed Society Passport (Due to loss) £60 Basic Passport £30
  • Change in horse/pony name £25
  • Grading Entry Fee £20
  • Stallion Grading £200 Includes DNA testing and first year of covering certificates
  • Change of ownership £10
  • Annual Membership £30
  • Lifetime Membership £250
  • Annual Stallion registration Fees £25
For All Passport Inquiries please call Jackie Halley on
TEL 0844 8465220 (10am -2pm Mon - Fridays)

E-Mail Jackie

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